Tempo: The top paid metronome app on iOS

Optimal DesignDedicated interfaces

We have separate interface designs for the iPhone and iPad. Get an optimized experience on the iPhone by switching between Basic, Preset, Setlist, Practice and Gig modes.

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Setlists Create and share

Save your presets into multiple setlists, then share them via email. Shared setlists are imported straight into Tempo from the mail app.

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Track Practices By time or number of bars

Stay on top of your drills by tracking the number of bars played or time passed. Combine with setlists for organized workouts!

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Fullscreen Modes Stay focused

Maximise the iPhone's smaller display with the fullscreen display and setlist modes.

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Custom Themes Because you are unique

You can customize the app to any color scheme, even set custom wallpapers. Get started with the Premium Themes pack. (iPhone/iPod touch only)

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Lite VersionFree version available

Can't make up your mind? Why not try out our free Lite version first. The Lite version features alternate app icons and interface colors. (On iPhone/iPod touch, both versions feature light and dark themes.)

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Tempo + AirTurn / iRig BlueBoardHandsfree and wireless operation

Tempo supports Bluetooth controllers with the ability to assign customized actions to each pedal. Start and stop playback, adjust tempo and navigate setlists.

AirTurn has a full range of foot and handheld controllers, even one that works by tapping with your drum stick. AirTurn transmitters work with foot pedals that you may already own. To learn more, click here.

iRig Blueboard is a MIDI based pedalboard with 4 backlit pads that works with many other MIDI-compatible apps. iRig BlueBoard also features two expansion TRS jacks so you can add more expression to your performance. To learn more, click here.

Languages Supported

Tempo is currently localized for the following languages: English, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, French, German, Korean, Japanese, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.

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Features Summary (Note: Some features are not available on Tempo Lite)

• 35 different time signatures, including compound and complex meters: 1-13/2, 1-13/4, 3/8, 5/8(2 variations), 6/8, 7/8(3 variations), 9/8, 12/8
• 6 rhythm patterns for simple meters and 3 for compound meters
• Customize accents or turn beats off to create more complex rhythms
• Tap tempo function
• Tempo ranges from 10 to 800

• Visual feedback in the form of pulsating LEDs
• Two pendulum types, each with two animation types
• Flash whole screen on the first beat
• Fullscreen display mode with gesture controls

• Store presets in multiple setlists
• Advanced setlist management including overwriting selected song, copying between setlists and multi-deletion
• Share setlists via email as importable Tempo file or text file
• Backup via iTunes File Sharing

Tracker Module
• Track number of bars played or time your practice
• Stop playback automatically when limit reached
• Automatic reset

• Choose from 14 sound sets, including one optimized for live drumming click tracks
• Voice counting
• Vibration mode
• Pan audio left, right or centered
• Volume control and mute button

• Control tempo, playback and setlists using external input devices like wireless foot pedals and headphones remote (including AirTurn, iRig BlueBoard and PageFlip Cicada)
Supports up to 4 pedals and 5 buttons on the AirTurn DIGIT II
• Assign action to proximity sensor trigger

• Classical metronome and Italian tempo markings
• Pitch pipe for playback of all 12 chromatic pitches (calibration from A = 414 to 466 Hz)
• Multi-tasking support: plays in background, with audio from other apps
• Four color themes, create unlimited custom themes with Theme Editor